Banquet marquees

Banquet Marquees (10 metres wide)


The aesthetic appearance of our banquet marquees is provided by their structure and materials they are made of. Special roof coating protects people inside from the sunlight. To optimize air circulation, side walls can be assembled in a few ways. It is because of these parameters why our banquet marquees always provide you with a nice and comfortable atmosphere. Supplied with heating or air-conditioning appliances they guarantee comfortable conditions not depending on the weather outside. Though windows allow daylight to come in, there is a possibility to install some additional lighting if the need arises.


This type of banquet marquees is a perfect choice for outdoor events, picnics, feasts, etc. Aesthetically decorated interiors with elegant roof linings and floor create an ideal background to formal parties, conferences, banquets, and wedding receptions. We are proud to have hosted in our banquet marquees such important personages as the President of Poland and Presidents of Portugal and Latvia.


Banquet marquees consist of modules whose width is 10m and each is 5m long. The minimal size of the marquee is 10mx10m (two modules). Its modular construction allows us to adjust its features to your needs and overcome possible terrain-related problems. Each module lengthens the marquee by 5 metres and modern technology used to assembly its parts makes development easy and faster than ever before.


Feel invited to watch two video presentations of our banquet marquee with full equipment (round tables, covered chairs) that is also available to rent:


Banquet marquee 200m2 (10m x 20m)

Interior with equipment (tables and chairs).



Banquet marquee 200m2 (10m x 20m)


External view.



Should you be not satisfied with the quality of the video, please download its better quality version by clicking the link below.

Should you be not satisfied with the quality of the video,

please download its better quality version by clicking the link below.

Download HERE
(size: 16.2MB)

Download HERE
(size: 15.4MB)


Additional elements of the banquet marquee (10m wide).




A banquet marquee with floor does not require anchoring (useful when it comes to installing marquees on, for instance, streets paved in cobblestone).


High peak gives the construction an interesting look.


Utility room can be used as an additional backup space or a place where meals are served.


Hexagonal attachment gives the marquee a pleasant appearance.




Technical data:







Module length


Roof pitch

18 degrees

Wall height


Overall height


Canvas colour


Canvas details

Slow-burning fabric according to DIN 41 02, B1 standard


Additional information

-  easy to join to other marquees

-  floor as an option

-  side walls can be dismantled


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