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Exhibition pagoda marquees

A pagoda marquee, being based on Asian patterns, provides exceptional structure that easily attracts people’s attention. This is what makes this product the best choice for promotional events. Its unique structure also allows you to transform it into a cosy shelter ideal for your parties and business meetings. This type of pavilion is often used by catering companies as a spot for degustation or backup facilities to be placed.


Pagoda marquees perfectly play their supplementary role to large complexes of marquees or tent halls. They are based on a square plan 3m x 3m or 5m x 5m and their surface equals 9m2 or 25m2 respectively.


Technical data:






Module length


Wall height


Overall height


Canvas colour


Canvas details

Slow-burning fabric according to DIN 41 02, B1 standard

Additional information

- easy development (modularity)

-  floor as an option

-  side walls can be dismantled


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