Tent halls

Tent halls (15 or 20 metres wide).


Tent halls consist of modules whose width is 15m or 20m and each is 5m long. The minimal size of a tent hall is 15x15m (3 modules) or 20x20m (4 modules), depending on its width. The modular construction of a tent hall allows us to adjust its features to your needs and overcome possible terrain-related problems. Each module lengthens a tent hall by 5 metres and modern technology used to assembly its parts makes development easy and faster than ever before.


Tent halls are the best solution for mass events such as: fairs, integration meetings, outdoor parties, picnics, feasts, etc. After installing additional elements such as a decorative roof and floor lining they also find application as elegant meeting or banquet halls. The construction is fully compatible with other marquees from our offer so as to make it possible to create as many configurations as necessary.



Technical data:






Module length


Roof pitch

18 degrees

Wall height


Overall height


Canvas colour


Canvas details

Slow-burning fabric according to DIN 41 02, B1 standard

Additional information

- easy development (modularity)

- floor as an option

- side walls can be dismantled



The movie below presents a 20m x 40m tent hall finished off with a roof lining and partly carpeted floor.


Should you be not satisfied with the quality of the video, please download its better quality version by clicking the link below.


Click HERE to download the video.

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